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A team of passionate designers who are living and breathing design.
Our values
The team have a global perspective view on design as they have all had experience in designing spaces on other regions of the world.
Our people
Niaz Eghrari – Director CEO, Luminur Group.
Our people

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The Founder Niaz Eghrari’s focus is to tranform neighbourhood through designing spaces for families to create memories in. Designing human centric buildings, homes, and apartments is part Luminur’s mission on each project. Achieving this everytime is what drives us.
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trusted partners.

ABH Soil Testing & Surveying
Soil Test
Develpro Constructions
Building Practitioner
DNT Engineering Services Pty Ltd
Fire Engineering
Hartli Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineer
m3 Consulting
Energy Rating Assessor
Hellier McFarland
Development Consultants, Town Planners, Land Surveyors
Building Surveyors
Moonland Group
Land Survey
Pembrook Homes
Home Builder
Treespace Solutions Pty Ltd
Keystone Alliance
Consultancy Group
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