Designing a dual-occupancy home with Luminur Group


Dual Occupancy Home Designs in Victoria

At Luminur Group, we understand that Melbourne is a vibrant hub, a beautiful and expanding city with increasing population. There are now more people. More activities. And understandably, more homes. More places of residence. So, while maintaining the dream of owning your own home, there’s more of an acceptance now for smaller and more manageable blocks, and parcels of land that can be subdivided and ultimately shared.

There are typically three design options when it comes to the prospect of designing a dual-occupancy home with Luminur Group, and they are as follows:

  • A block of land with a dwelling at the front and one at the rear, either with shared driveway or separate driveways where two crossovers are allowed.
  • A corner block that can allow two dwellings with separate street frontages and often benefiting from individual street numbers.
  • Two dwellings, side by side that share a common wall (commonly known as a duplex design).

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We will work closely with you and within your budget while considering the important factors that will directly influence the design process and the future of your property. These include the size and shape of your block, its positioning and orientation, vegetation and easements, neighbouring properties and site constraints, your lifestyle, as well as the more logistical aspects of the process such as council’s planning scheme guidelines, overlays, and residential codes. A cheaper design may seem attractive in the short term, but at Luminur Group, we understand the importance of sound design practices and thorough planning, especially when it comes time to sell. We offer tailored and high-quality services to ensure your project unfolds as smoothly as possible. From individual services, to extensive development packages, Luminur Group will help you every step of the way.