Luminur Group’s multi-residential designs – an exciting and growing trend


As the Architecture of Melbourne continues to flourish and expand, multi-residential living has understandably risen in popularity.

Having a residence close to prominent areas with access to schools and public transport is not only important to buyers, but it has compelled builders to embrace the notion of ‘sky acreage’. At Luminur Group, and while keeping up to date with the market shifts, we are broad with our approach when it comes to our multi-residential design services in Melbourne and will work with you to ensure you are happy, long into the future.

With a deep understanding of the many facets of multi-residential architecture (including both townhouses and apartment buildings), and with an emphasis on urban and innovative design, we at Luminur Group employ a flexible approach whenever there are multi-residential projects on the table. We are also driven by the prospect of increasing the value, through creating sophisticated dwellings that have an immediate impact. From modern and luxury living, to spacious, and practical interior designs, the team at Luminur Group will steer your multi-residential project in the right direction.

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Our designs focus on the personality and individual requirements of our clients. We are transparent, patient, and professional, while offering a wide range of options, plans, and solutions. Rarely are we swayed by stylistic trends or restricting prejudices, as we instead focus on the personality and individual requirements of our clients.