Our Process.

Client Brief & Property Development Workshop.
  • Understanding our client’s requirements, budget, timeline,
    goals and expectations.
  • Providing a brief presentation about property development.
  • Discussing several case studies and showcasing completed projects.
Project Feasibility & Development Assessment.
  • Site analysis (existing site conditions, easements, vegetation, orientation, access, neighbouring properties and site constraints)
  • Title Search and Assessment of any restrictions/covenants
  • Planning zones and limitations under the schedule
  • Overlays and any Local Council neighbourhood character policies
  • Site Potential and Yield (advice on the best type of development, size, number of dwellings/units, car parking requirements, etc.)
  • Estimate project timeline and duration
  • Factor in all of the costs from the time of purchase to the delivery of the product
  • For investment/development projects, work out estimate return on investment and project viability
Property Acquisition.
  • A strong network and access to off-market properties, complemented by our advanced negotiation strategies to secure the best property for the best price, tailored to your specific property requirements, budget, goal.
  • We take five steps when assisting our clients with the acquisition of their property. Research, Sourcing, Analysing, Assessing, and Negotiating.
Town Planning Permit.
  • Obtaining planning permit, a dynamic process that is constantly evolving in response to changes within the community, councils and state government policies.
  • We take pride in having one of the highest planning permit success rates in Melbourne.
Building Permit Documentation.
  • Reliable team and professional consultants ensuring the building permit documentation is completed within a timely manner and translates into a cost-effective development.
Construction Tender & Project Management.
  • Identifying the right builder who specializes in a particular building design/type, enabling us to manage cost, time, and quality, resulting in an exceptional outcome.
Marketing Materials & Sales Assistance.
  • Being involved from the very early stage, we have a deep understanding of the project and key design features, hence enabling us to produce high-res renderings and marketing floor plans tailored to your project in order to assist with the sales.
  • Through our extensive network, we are able to assist and manage the sales in order to achieve the best possible return on investment for your project.
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