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Utilizing your land through obtaining a town planning permit and subdivision can lead into releasing substantial financial equity which has become a popular option, and a plan that most homeowners will entertain during some stage. But for as exciting and as appealing as it is, it is also an endeavour that should be met with careful and professional planning.

Luckily, at Luminur Group, we consider ourselves subdivision experts when it comes to the design and planning stage of such an undertaking, especially if you reside within:

  • Knox Council
  • Whitehorse Council
  • Monash Council
  • Manningham Council
  • Boroondara Council

If you are considering subdividing your property, let Luminur Group – one of Melbourne’s leading subdividing companies – help you with everything you need.

Why should I subdivide?

To create and maximize the value of your land parcel and withdraw equity from your property!

Maybe your kids have moved out, leaving not only empty rooms, but an unused backyard that has become a chore to maintain. Maybe you have recently invested in a block of land absolutely perfect for a unit in the backyard, profitable townhouses, or a multi-dwelling development. If either of those are relevant, it is important to note that Luminur Group specialises in both dual-occupancy and multi residential lots, while offering personalised services in property subdivision. Whether you are an owner-occupier or an investment guru looking for a solid return, let us here at Luminur Group get the ball rolling and assist you with all the council requirements, a swagger of innovative designs, and ongoing professional advice and support.

If you have a project in mind, click the link below, fill in your details and one of our friendly staff will be in touch

Your Journey Start Here!

We take the stress out of subdividing!

With fixed fees, a strong likelihood of increasing your property value, and an efficient and well-designed build, Luminur Group will have your property professionally subdivided in no time.


What are the regulations and provisions involved? 

In order for a land to be subdivided, a planning permit is required and an application for a residential subdivision will be assessed under the relevant provisions of Clause 56 of all planning schemes. This is further supported by complementary State Planning Policy planning scheme provisions for subdivision, relevant zones, overlays, and planning practice notes.

Clause 56 includes:

  • Purpose, application, operational requirements and certification of standards
  • 56.01 Subdivision site and context description and design response
  • 56.02 Policy implementation
  • 56.03 Liveable and sustainable communities
  • 56.04 Lot design
  • 56.05 Urban landscape
  • 56.06 Access and mobility management
  • 56.07 Integrated water management
  • 56.08 Site management
  • 56.09 Utilities
  • 56.10 Transitional arrangements.

Further information is available on the Victorian Planning site To read more about using the residential subdivision provisions Clause 56 – Residential subdivision, refer to the document at the following link: PPN40-Using-the-Residential-Development-Provisions-Clause-56.pdf