Custom Tailored and Quality Project Management in Melbourne


If you are looking for quality project managers in Melbourne when it comes to your next project, then look no further than the professionals at Luminur Group.

We provide some of the most intuitive and highly competent project managers in Melbourne, to facilitate a smooth, stress-free building experience. As well as being knowledgeable in various specialised fields, and transparent with their work, the architectural project managers here at Luminur Group will be tasked with completing your project on time and on budget; which we’re sure that you would agree, it is imperative with any build.

Our project management services and our extensive knowledge and experience in the building industry, ensure this is the case, each and every time.

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Here’s what you can expect at Luminur Group when it comes to our project management services:

  • Our architectural project managers will split their time between the office and the building site, ensuring they are present and reassuring in the completion of your project
  • They will personally oversee each detailed step of the construction process, while offering regular updates and insights
  • From developing and reviewing your building plans, to making sure your project meets residential and building codes, our project managers are diligent and will be more than happy to explain every detail
  • While dealing with the administration of contracts, building regulation compliance, and fee negotiation with contractors, our architectural project managers here at Luminur Group will become your best friend

If you are looking for the exceptional architectural project managers in Melbourne, then give us a call today.