Shaping the local architecture and positively impacting the lifestyle of the community


Luminur Group is both confident and professional when it comes to the particulars involved in Town Planning. Our town planning services are highly regarded and will assist you moving forward with your project. Our planning services involve a dynamic process that is constantly evolving in response to changes within the community, and both councils and state government policies. When it comes to obtaining planning permits, we take pride in having one of the highest planning permit success rates in the south-east Melbourne.

Our focus here at Luminur Group is to ensure responsive and interactive builds for the wider community. If you are seeking town planning services in the

  • Knox Council
  • Whitehorse Council
  • Monash Council
  • Manningham Council
  • Boroondara Council

Then you have come to the right place.

At Luminur Group, we develop strategies and designs for the communities in which we live, work, and play. We focus on balancing the manufactured with the natural, consider community needs, highlight the importance and preservation of local culture, and implement a greater outlook of wider economic sustainability. In short, when it comes to town planning here at Luminur Group, our planners aim to improve the quality of life and create vibrant, interactive communities, with our client’s needs in mind.

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Your Journey Start Here!

We frequently work with other professionals such as engineers, landscape architects, arborists, building surveyors, and developers, in order to facilitate appropriate plans of action. Here’s what we can provide you and your town planning visions:

  • The appointment and consultation with specialised consultants
  • An in-depth preparation process of all the documents needed for your town planning application
  • ResCode Assessment and Town Planning Reports
  • The processes involved with lodging your town planning application
  • Efficient and professional negotiations with local councils and parties who may object
  • And assistance when it comes to town planning appeals and VCAT hearings.